Conference Content

WLC’s programming content features multi-faceted subject matter: insights and examples that inspire personal growth and empowerment offered by accomplished women leaders in many walks of life and renowned motivational speakers; skills, practices and strategies for leadership development and career advancement taught by experts, facilitators and career coaches; techniques for personal development (such as health maintenance, financial management, work-life balance, etc.); community engagement; and networking among conference participants who share a passion to lead in business, family and their communities.

The conference format includes keynote speeches and panel discussions at large-group sessions, (please link to speaker page) small-group workshops and networking opportunities.

Our small-group workshops are organized based on levels of leadership development which approximate beginning, emerging and advanced leadership programming. Please review our Leadership Tracks for a more detailed description of our programming model. Our 2019 Workshops for each Leadership Track will be added in the coming weeks.



As an entry-level to mid-level supervisor, manager or administrator, you already supervise individual projects but you need guidance to take your career to the next step.

The Emerging Leader Track will help you:

  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Gain new skills to help you grow professionally and personally
  • Expand your network through the peers, directors and executives you will meet
  • Get inspired!


As a director or executive director, you’ve mastered your area of expertise and successfully lead a team. Now you need to identify growth opportunities for you, your projects and your employees.

The Emerging Executive Track will:

  • Enrich your already substantial network of peers, mentors and sponsors.
  • Teach new skills, such as “The Art of Persuasion” or how to articulate points-of-view and persuade others, including higher-level leadership.
  • Allow you to share and learn best practices with senior level professionals.
  • Provide a platform for discovering strategies and tools to elevate your career to the C-suite.


You already possess high levels of influence in your company and often determine policies and procedures as a vice president and above. At this point in your career, you know you will never stop learning.

The Executive Track will:

  • Give you access to high-level leaders.
  • Allow you to grow your network while sharing your knowledge and expertise.
  • Expose you to a rich pool of talented and skilled professionals.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to continue learning new skills which is critical to your growth and ultimate success.